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The Benefits of Teaching Children About Money

Savings is a habit, a learned behaviour. Like any habit we want to encourage in our children we need to start while they are young and make it simple, regular, and real for them.

Teaching children about money is a critical life skill and with an increasingly complex financial world, one that will start to appear in your child’s school curriculum over the next few years. They will learn key financial messages:

  • How to save
  • How to spend wisely
  • How to make a budget or plan
  • How to invest for the future
  • How to borrow wisely


In the meantime there are things you can do at home to support this learning, and the most important one is to develop the habit of saving.

What you can do to support the savings habit

Help your child make saving a regular habit. Saving a little and often is a good way to start. Once your child starts school, it is a good idea to have an account opened in their name, and have them make regular deposits to it. Although many money transactions are invisible today, using physical cash helps your child understand the principals before they move to electronic methods.

Help your child set savings goals and celebrate their achievements. As they get a little older you may want to involve them in a family financial project such as planning a birthday party, complete with a budget, or recording the cost of owning a pet. Being involved in real financial situations creates ‘real life learning’.

Why is ANZ School banking Programme Important?

ANZ School Banking Programme is unique because it not only provides a simple and convenient way for students to deposit money into their bank account, but it offers a ‘real life learning’ opportunity for selected students to learn how to be tellers and actually run the School Bank under the supervision of ANZ staff.

Each week we set up a ‘bank’ in your school and take deposits from students, just as we would in the branch. We encourage you to support your child’s financial education by opening a School Plus account and making savings a regular habit.

How do you set up an ANZ Bank Account?

Simply talk to one of our staff at school on School Banking day or call into one of our local branches or phone Lyn Swain, ANZ Levin on 063675823.

We will need an Application for Child’s Account completed, together with identification (birth certificate or passport) for your child, and an IRD number to ensure they are charged the correct tax rate. If you have not arranged an IRD number for your child, these can be obtained from the IRD (an application form can be downloaded from ).

We will then open an account and contact you when we have prepared an Account Mandate (signing authority document) for signing.

What does your child have to do?

Once your child has an account, they will receive a deposit book with their name and account number encoded on it.

Each week on your school’s Banking Day, your child should bring their money and deposit book to the school bank. ANZ staff will help your child make the deposit with the student tellers and ensure the banking is taken back to our bank that same day for depositing into their account.

What other ways can you deposit to the account?

Other ways you and your child can learn to deposit money include:

  • The Fast Deposit box at the local branch
  • Taking the deposit slip and money to the Customer Service counter at your local ANZ
  • Setting up an Automatic Payment directly to your child’s account. This can be arranged online from or by completing an Automatic Payment form that can be collected from one of our staff at school or in branch.


Teaching our children about money is an important life skill and one that ANZ is proud to support through School Banking and our School Partnership Programme.

Our Reserve Bank Disclosure Statement is available at or a request for a copy can be made at any ANZ branch.

Great Forest Event

The 2017 GREAT FOREST EVENT – WALK/RUN – on the 8th April 2017. We would like to put in a school entry. A School entry will give us the advantage of a common place to meet and leave bags etc (a marquee); a chance to compete for the title of Top School, with the largest percentage of a school participating; the chance to go into a draw to win a Rebel Sport voucher for sports equipment for our school; every participant receives a medal and there will also be opportunities to have team photos to be taken.

You can take advantage of a 20% discount by registering your children or family as part of the: OhauGFE Team, from home by using the following code: GreatForest20

Please ensure you register as part of the OhauGFE team and help Ohau School to go into the draw for a chance to win a Rebel Sport vouch for sports equipment.  You can still run or walk with your family and or friends, but will have the benefits as stated above. Further information and registration is available at:  – Lets Get Moving!

Congratulations to the Ohau Stars

CONGRATULATIONS to the Ohau Stars! Winners of Division 2 in the Y5 & 6 Winter Hockey grade on points to receive a trophy, and  then to finish the season by winning the final, coming from 3-1 down at half time to win 5-4 to receive the Faulkner Family Trophy.


Hockey finals 11846515_10153494552979892_3725700449425395761_n

Ohau Stars compete in Big Save U11 Hockey Festival

During the school holidays the Ohau Stars travelled to sunny Napier to compete in the 2015 Big Save U11 Hockey Festival.

The team played grading games on Thursday 16 July, playing against some experienced teams from in and around the Hawkes Bay, which placed them in Division 3 of the tournament. Winning two of their three games over Friday and first thing Saturday morning, placed the team in a playoff for first and second against Reignier Rascals.

In a most exciting final, starting strong the Ohau Stars scored first, then Reignier Rascals equalised. The score remained 1 all in an extremely evenly fought  game, until within the last minute of the game where the Reignier Rascals managed another goal.

The tournament was a great experience for all, and we are very proud of how the team performed over the tournament. A huge thank you must go to the parents and caregivers of Tyson Jones, Tahlia Rowe, Whatukura Kiriona, Byron Lammas, Zyran Hirst, Cassie Turkington, Poppy Ayson, Finn Ayson, Devon Howard, Zara Westerby, Kalanee Rauhihi and Anand Ranchhod who without their enthusiasm and support the Ohau Stars could not have travelled to Napier to compete in this tournament.


Hockey Tournament

Classes travel to Te Papa

With the new Gallipoli Exhibition at Te Papa commemorating the 100 year anniversary of the Gallipoli landings, our senior classes took the opportunity to travel into Wellington and see it first hand.

First it was Room 4 who had an adventurous excursion on the train. To see it was to believe what the nation is talking about. The atmosphere, graphics and fine detail were just amazing. Our students will benefit more from viewing what was presented to them, and the time well spent from researching our history. Despite a train delays and tickets not arriving on time everyone was able to experienced good service on Kiwi-rail and return home safely.

Next up was Room 2 and what a great experience it was to see ‘The Scale of Our War’ exhibition at Te Papa. The life like statues depicting some of the roles New Zealanders played in Gallipoli were amazing. The models of trenches, the clothing, the weaponry, the photos – truly emotional, and great to make the links between what the students have learnt in class. We were also able to visit the National War Memorial (only hours before Prince Harry’s visit) and see the tomb of the unknown soldier and the ‘Great Hall of Remembrance’. 

In the next few weeks Room 3 and Room 1 will travel to Te Papa also.

A big thank you to all the parents for helping with transport and supporting the students on these trips.

ANZAC Commemorations

On Friday we held a special assembly to commemorate the 100 year anniversary of the ANZAC’s landing in Gallipoli. Throughout the week, students have been learning why we as a nation celebrate ANZAC day and why it is an important part of our history. Each class had prepared something to contribute to our commemoration:

Room 7 made poppies, Room 5 created Inchies consisting of 4 small images of poppies and other symbols of ANZAC, Room 9 had learnt about postcards sent home from the war and had written their own, Room 1 painted ‘Poppies in the Field’, Room 3 laid a wreath of poppies that they had made as well as reading out the story of Jack Simpson and his donkey, Room 4 created a skit depicting the poem ‘Flander’s Field’ and Room 2 painted silhouettes of soldiers in the setting sun and read out the Ode or Remembrance. This was followed by playing the Last Post, having a moment of silence and then playing the Reveille. Our assembly concluded with the National Anthem.

Thank you to all the parents who came along to share in our celebration and support the children.

Red Wheels Day for the Heart Foundation

Every term our Student Council organizes fun days for students where everyone dresses up and brings their wheels into school to ride for the day.

The theme today was ‘Red’ in support of the Heart Foundation who helps people affected by Heart Disease. It also helps others to make healthy living choices & run programmes around the country. One of which is Jump Rope for Heart.

Looking out across the courts at school it was an awesome sight to see so many students wearing red while riding their scooters and bikes. A big thank you to everyone who supported the cause by donating a coin and dressing up.

Community rises to the occassion

Once again, our Ohau School community rose to the occasion, and ensured a really great evening. Our Twilight Gala was such a huge success and we are so thrilled with the result. Live music, food stalls, class markets and games.

The classes had their own stalls selling products that they had designed, made themselves and marketed on the night. The learning experience of planning items and writing the steps involved then working through them to create products for sale was very rewarding. The items themselves were impressive.

The menu for the food stalls organised by our resident chef, Julie was amazing. We are thankful for the help of some parents who came in to prepare meals, dish them up and serve them on the night as well as cleaning up afterwards, we simply couldn’t have done it without you. Our neighbours at the Brown Butter Cafe were also very generous in giving us the profits from their stall.

Overall, the atmosphere was truly spectacular.

Te Hinaki Trust – Parent IT Survey

Te Hinaki Trust is being set up in Horowhenua to support achievement through the development of IT in our community. They will endeavor to give every child, and family equitable access to the digital environment. Out Board of Trustees has been given the Memorandum of Understanding to examine over the next couple of weeks. As part of this, it is necessary to survey every family, of every child attending school in Horowhenua. A paper copy has been sent home but if your prefer, you can complete the form online below.

Ohau Rockets outrun their opposition

Each week our Ohau Rockets strive to use their new skills on the hockey turf. The focus for the week has been to spread out and pass the ball around. This proved the difference in their recent outing where they outran, out passed and out scored their opposition.

The team has students from Year 2 – 5 will some being new to the game and still learning the necessary skills to play. Games are held on Thursday afternoon at the Halliwell Hockey Turf.

Ohau Dodgers continue to improve

Softball as a sport has returned to Levin and the Ohau Dodgers are enjoying learning new skills that they can use in their games.

The Ohau Dodgers are a combined Year 5, 6, 7 and 8 team who play in the year 7 and 8 grade and practise during their lunchtimes in preparation for their games on Friday afternoon. Lyndall Tanira provides the necessary equipment and spends one day a week showing our team some of the basics of softball. We have been working on throwing and catching, hitting and the general game plan of throwing the ball to the base to get the runners out.

Ohau School starts Mon 2 Feb

Hoping you all enjoyed your Christmas and have had a wonderful start to the new year. The weather has been great and we hope it continues as we look forward to returning back to school.

Ohau School starts on Monday 2nd February. Class lists are also available from the office.

Check out the Stationery link on the Right Hand Menu for class book lists. These are also available from the Warehouse Stationery.

Ohau School Ag Day

What can one say after a day like we had on Saturday!! It was our community working together again for our children. It was hard work over many weeks, but worth every bit of effort to achieve such a spirit of unity in our school. We are all PTA members, so well done, everyone! Special thanks to Rebecca Barr, whose batteries I think, have still got plenty of life in them.
We had so much support from people dropping in items, from businesses donating their products, and from people willing to give of their time in so many different ways. Many parents worked tirelessly, and gave so generously. We accepted their donations, and then they turned up with more! It was simply an outstanding achievement. Please accept our sincerest and humblest thanks from all of us here at school. We shall let you all know what the financial result is, as soon as we can.
Thank you to the staff and children for presenting such a wonderful range of items in the classrooms. I am sure these were enjoyed by all of our visitors. I am very proud of the team work displayed by our staff team. I know they are under huge pressure at the moment with PD meetings, and Report writing. Thank you so much to all of them.
Our thanks go to the Rural Women’s group, for coming in and judging the children’s displays.
Our thanks go to Rooms 3 and 4 for the wonderful effort with their stalls. This money helps the PTA to fund Graduation dinner / disco and part of our scholarship programme. Their result was outstanding in conditions like that. Children you did an amazing job. Thank you all and their teachers and parent help. This was a great opportunity for the children to learn about marketing and financial management!!

A great week of EOTC trips


What a successful week of EOTC Trips. The Year 7/8s went to Raukawa Camp in Raetihi, the Year 5/6s were at Makahika, the Year 3/4s went to El Rancho in Waikanae and our new entrants, and Year 1/2s had an overnight camp here at school.

We are looking forward to hearing all the feedback from the children about their various camps. Certainly sounds like they had fun. I am eternally grateful that the children have come back safe and happy.

I would like to thank all of our staff, who worked many hours to ensure these extra-curricular activities were undertaken safely, and that everyone came home, having had a brilliant time.

We are indebted to all the parents, who accompanied the camps. We hope you have all recovered well!

Thanks also, to every single parent and child in the school for making the camps less stressful, with the cost being reduced through fundraising. It was a fantastic effort. It is not uncommon for a 3 day camp to cost $250.



Kapahaka festival a huge success!

Ka pai ‘Te Kura o Ohau’ kapahaka. Stand up and take a bow. We are so proud of each and every one of you. Standing in front of an audience of around 2000 people at such a young age, and for some it was a first time experience. You all did brilliantly. Without the help and support of many we could not have looked as good as we did. Thank you to Mrs Frost, Mrs Windley, Tam Johnson, Fran Leong, Debbie and Alana Turkington, Lisa Parker and a special mention to two of our past students Alex MacDonald-Gray and Sarah McCardle. Also to Mrs Blenkhorn who arranged the plants that decorated our stage on the day and Keith Staples who put up the backdrop. Thank you all very much.

Whanau embrace festival – Horowhenua Chronicle 10 September 2014




Strikers win Soccer Tournament

Well done to our two Ohau soccer teams involved in the tournaments at Donnelly Park on the weekend. The weather did it’s bit & the tournaments for both grades went well. It was great to see the improvement in some teams from the start of the season.Congratulations to the Ohau Wolves who came 3rd for the 7/8th grade. The team was made up of Max Newman, Lockie Barr, Oscar O’Brien, Cohen Denton, Violet Hudson, Jorja Horn, Nicholad Wynne – coached by Dayne Barr and assisted by Luke O’Brien.

In the 9/10th grade tournament, the Ohau Strikers beat the Levin North Assassins after a very close game that resulted in a draw and went into extra time. Finally it came down to a penalty shoot out where our Strikers won 3-1. The team consisted of Karen Horn, Carla Brick, Grace Newman, Anton Campbell, Aiden Brick, Pheonix Leong, Jack Barton, Mikey Wynne and Kaiawha Kiriona – coached by Andy Wynne and assisted by Richard Horn.

It was great to see so many parents/grandparents supporting all the teams as well as the coaches that have stepped up & done a great job with our children.

Students Run Ragged

It was a great effort by the students Tuesday afternoon (19th August) as they all got involved with our Run Ragged fundraiser.

Students were asked to seek sponsorship for participating in a walk/run around the Ohau Domain. Some received an amount for each lap they completed while others were given a donation for their participation.

What was encouraging to see was how everyone got involved, including some parents and grandparents.

The money raised from this event will go towards the cost of printing our Ohau School recipe book.

Successful Basketball Tournaments

Ohau School was well represented at the recent Basketball Tournaments held on Friday 8 August (Year 7/8) and on Thursday 14 August (Year 5/6).

Although our teams did not win the tournaments they all played well as teams and gained good placings.

Both Year 7/8 teams placed third with our Year 5/6 girls team placing fourth and our Year 5/6 boys team placing second in a closely fought final.

Congratulations to our Junior Basketball players who were selected for the Horowhenua rep teams – Alyssa Jensen and Amber Dobbs from the Year 5/6 girls team and Will Hubbard and Caleb Young from the Year 5/6 boys team.

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